How did they Meet?

They met at the Farmhouse in Evanston, IL where they worked together.

Their love story....

After working together for some time, and becoming friends, we started to become more. Our shared sense of humor and love of beer setup many dates talking for hours getting to know each other, going to concerts and building inside jokes. The early days of our relationship were spent traveling between work in Evanston and Millicent's grad school adventure at NIU in Dekalb. After a bit, we bought a condo together and got engaged in Florida in September of 2016.

Their wedding was on a chilly November Day at the Wild Onion Brewery in Barrington, IL. All of the paper details were created by Millicent and the guest favors of cookies were made by Chris.


Gina Mazzaferri Simple Elegant Group Chicago ( Planner/Coordinator)

Eddie Mucllari Eddies Video Service (Videographer)

Jennefa Krupinski ( DJ) Pamela Swanson North Suburban Flower Company ( Niles, IL)

Bent Fork ( Cake)

Wild Onion Brewery ( Ceremony and Reception site)

November 2018

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